Dress Up Monday

It’s the start of another week! To be honest, I dread Mondays the most because of the extreme traffic and the feeling of having to deal with a long week ahead. However, what I love about Mondays is how it is not laundry day so I can mix and match my clothes. Thus I call it Dress Up Monday. Since today I did not have any meetings outside our office, I decided to come in a semi-casual attire.

HIKe Camera
Magenta blazer from Redhead, striped dress from H&M, shoes from Forever 21, watch from Kenneth Cole

I brought my blazer along because our office gets really cold at times. (And yes, I took a picture beside our Christmas tree because I want to share the holiday spirit with everyone. Happy almost Christmas!)

HIKe CameraHIKe Camera

When I saw the striped dress from H&M, I just knew I had to have it. The fit is just right and I feel comfortable in it. The shoes I am wearing are my current favorite because I can wear them with almost any outfit and they don’t give me blisters!

Here’s a closer look:

2014-09-08_1410157118 2014-03-18_1395134149

And that’s my first Dress Up Monday entry! Watch out for more in the next couple of weeks to come. Thanks for reading!



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