A Thing For Blazers

Let me start off by saying how much I adore blazers: I ADORE BLAZERS! For one, they make a casual attire look slightly formal. This is perfect for days when I’m wearing something casual and a meeting suddenly comes about. I just slip on my blazer and poof, I’m meeting-ready.

Below are some photos of what I wore with the blazer I just recently bought.

Back View:

Back View Blazer
Blazer from H&M, Pants from Daily Jeans (Bench PH), Shoes from Forever 21, Bag from Michael Kors

Front View:

Front View
Pearl Earrings from SM Accessories, Blazer from H&M, Chiffon Top from Atmosphere, Gray Jeans from Daily Jeans (Bench PH), Black Bag from Michael Kors, Shoes from Forever 21

See how the blazer completes the outfit? That’s why I love blazers and I’m on the look out for the “perfect blazer” (perfect fit, perfect color, perfect cut, perfect style)

Hope you enjoyed this quick post. Have a fabulous day!



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