Zambalinis and Zambadventure in Zambales

Last September 16-17, I was finally able to go to the beach for some much needed relaxation with my friends/officemates. But before the relaxation, we volunteered through DENR for the 32nd International Coastal Cleanup which was simultaneously done in several countries.

It was just the perfect balance of work and play as we explored the beautiful province of Zambales.

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Pangasinan Getaway

Hi everyone! This will just be a quick post about my recent trip to Pangasinan with my family. Even though it was just a quick trip, it felt really special because it is not everyday that I get to go on a trip with my family with all our conflicting schedules.

My sister and I planned a trip to Pangasinan since most of the resorts in nearer provinces (i.e. Batangas, Laguna, etc.) were already fully booked. Read on below to know more.

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Hohol in Bohol

Hi everyone! Last May 12-16, 2016, I took a break from being an adult and went on a trip to Bohol with my friends. And because I was really excited for this trip, I started packing my things a week before our scheduled trip.

I had so much things planned in my mind but unfortunately, most were not done because of my bad condition on the days of the trip. It was unfortunate but at least I was able to see a bit of Bohol during my stay.

Read on below for the really quick summary of our hohol in Bohol.

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Quick Trip to Pangasinan

Last Holy Saturday, my dad, brother and I went to Pangasinan to visit our relatives. We had to go back on the same day; however, because my mom and I still had to serve at the Easter Vigil at night.

Even though I knew that it was going to be a tiring day, I still decided to come along because Pangasinan is a place close to my heart.

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Post-Climb and Pre-Birthday Trip at Boracay de Cavite

Hi! I just came from my first beach trip for this year! My friend decided to organize a post Luzon 3-2-1 (Mt. Timbak-Mt. Tabayoc-Mt. Pulag) event that also served as my pre-birthday trip. I was always out in the mountains that when I got invited to a beach camping activity, which I have not done since summer 2015, I readily agreed to go.

The itinerary was set from February 20 (1:00PM) until February 21 (1:00PM) and although there were complications along the way, I am extremely happy that this trip still pushed through.

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Summer in November

Well what do you know; spontaneous trips really have higher chances of pushing through than pre-planned ones. Last November 3 and 4, I went with my sister and her friends to an overnight trip in Subic. I said spontaneous because originally, the plan was to go to Cagbalete in Quezon (I even made the itinerary) but due to some unwanted cases, we ended up in Subic.

This trip also happened in the middle of the week so I had to go back to work the following day. Nonetheless, I was still happy to have taken even just a quick break.

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Summer Escapades: Off the Grid in Kwebang Lampas

Hi! It took a while but I finally found the time to share all about the second part of my weekend last, last week (first part was the climb to Mt. Maculot). Last May 16, me, my sister, my cousin and some friends went to Kwebang Lampas or formerly known as Lukang Beach in Pagbilao Quezon.

Before this trip, I had plans to join a fun run with my office mates. However, I was tasked to organize and make the itinerary for May 16 – 17.  I told my office mates to just go without me and that I would join them in their next run in June. At first I was regretting my decision of giving up the run but when we got to the place, the regret slowly faded away.

This was my second beach camping experience. Read on below to know more about it.

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Summer Escapades: LaBurot

Who needs LaBoracay when I can have something cheaper and more accessible?

Just this labor day, May 1, I went to a beach camping trip in Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas. This was a very spontaneous trip as I was invited by a friend just two days before and I already had other plans for that weekend, which was to climb a mountain. But in the end, I chose the beach camping trip because I have never experienced this and the fact that it was spontaneous made it more exciting.

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Summer Escapades: Life in Pico de Loro

Hi! It’s still the summer season and I find myself very lucky to be going on escapades that make me have a more positive outlook in life.

Just this weekend (April 18 – 19), I went with my friends to an overnight trip to Pico de Loro Beach Club in Nasugbu, Batangas. We went here as soon as I was done with my fun run (kindly see previous post for reference). If you want to go here though, you would have to be accompanied or endorsed by a member of the club (in our case, we were endorsed by my friend’s friend who is a member).  It was very exciting because this was a trip that was long overdue and we finally found time to push through with it.

View on our way to Pico de Loro

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Let the Summer Escapades Begin!

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Happy summer season, everyone! To kick off my summer, I went on a 3D2N trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It was very timely because I really needed a break from all the things happening to me; I needed an escape from the fast-paced real world realness. Continue reading “Let the Summer Escapades Begin!”