Christmas 2015

Hi everyone, it is that most wonderful time of the year again – Christmas! I am glad that I celebrated this with a grateful heart despite the roller-coaster I have been through this year.

In this post; however, I will just share what I wore in the two Christmas parties I attended this month.

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Ready? Aim. Shoot!

Last May 2014, my friends and I decided to try something new and exciting. Here is a quick throwback of when I tried archery. I was really ecstatic to do this because of the following reasons: 1. I am a fan of Kagome from Inuyasha 2. My aunt engages in this sport every now and then 3. If Katniss can do it, so can I 4. It looks totally awesome! Read on below to check some of the photos from my archery experience! Continue reading “Ready? Aim. Shoot!”