Comeback Run at Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017

Hi guys! It has been a while since I last posted a content after my trip to Canada post. A lot of things have happened but I want to focus on the recently concluded fun run event, Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017. This was my second time joining this event (read last year’s post here) and I do not regret it because I definitely had fun running alongside my elite running buddies.

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The Disappointing yet Motivating Run: OYM Trilogy 2017 Leg 2

Last June 11, I ran a short distance race in OYM Trilogy 2017 Leg 2. I have not joined a fun run in three months so this was a great way to get my rhythm back. I got a kit just on the week of the run itself so I was serious in squeezing in training time for that week. I was only able to conduct one training run for the whole week because of an unexpected accident that befell my toe just three days before the race.

As much as I wanted to beat my PR, I knew that chances were extra slim because of the hiatus and the added injury. But, I looked forward to it, nonetheless.

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Achievement Unlocked: First Podium Finish at PBA Run For A Cause 7

Hi everyone! Just a week after running my second half-marathon, I ran a short-distance race in PBA Run For A Cause 7 (July 10, 2016). I was very lucky because the company I work for is one of the sponsors so I was able to get a race kit for free. (That’s some serious work-lifestyle integration am I right? Lol.)

My officemates wanted me to join the 15k category but I refused and said that I only wanted a short-distance race because first, it will serve as my recovery run and second, I will TRY to earn a podium finish (though I was not very confident about it at first).

From my previous fun run post, I mentioned that my next goal was to earn a podium finish for a 5k race and with His grace, I was able to do it.

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Completing Half-Mary in GNC Run 2016

Hi! Last July 3, I completed my second half-marathon/21km race in Run GNC 2016 which was held in Mall of Asia Running Grounds. I aimed to beat my PR in this race even though I had minimal training because of the bad weather.

I like joining fun runs with a cause and this was for the benefit of the Cancer Warrior Foundation.

Read on below for a quick summary of my second half-mary.

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Running in Accenture Run and Rock 2016

Hi everyone! Last May 21, 2016, I participated in Accenture’s annual fun run and sports fest event entitled, Run and Rock 2016, which was held in McKinley West in Taguig. I was invited to this race by my friends from Accenture who were also really kind enough to sponsor my race kit.

Because I was not fully recovered from the sickness I had recently, my body was still weak on the week of the race. I had no training and I was not able to add any mileage at all and my mom even told me to just rest and skip the run. But being the stubborn, little girl that I am, I still decided to go to the run because first, I love running and second, I did not want to waste the race kit that was given to me.

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Achievement Unlocked: Running in PF Sub-1 10K Challenge

I have recently completed my goal of finishing a half-marathon (21km) in less than two hours and thirty minutes. And as I previously mentioned, my next goal was to finish a 10km run in less than one hour (also known as hitting Sub-1). Originally, I intended to join any 10k race with timing chip just so I can measure my time (because practice runs tracked by my running app are not counted). But then, my friend invited me to join Pinoy Fitness Sub-1 10K Challenge – how timely, right?

The goal of this race is to finish running 10km in less than one hour (Sub-1) in order to get a finisher medal. Failure to do so will void chances of getting the medal and bragging rights.

Photo from

It was my first time to join a time-trial race and it was, by far, one of the most challenging yet fulfilling runs I have ever done.

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Completing Half Mary in SMDC Run 2016

Hi everyone! Two months ago, I registered for my first run of 2016 and my first ever 21-kilometer run in SMDC Run 2016, that was held last February 28, as a way to cap off my birthday month. Up until the race day, I was still unsure whether or not I can finish the run because I was worried about any recurrences of my knee injury which was why I suddenly felt the need to wear my knee support.

Photo from PinoyFitness

I told myself I would train for this race but then I went to so many events in the past few weeks that I only started to “train” (not even completing 21k) on the same week of the race. I am such a crammer, right?

Nonetheless, I am still thankful that I was able to finish the race safely and within my target time.

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Last Race of 2015: Running in Brown Race Marathon

Hi! I recently ran my first 16-kilometer, which is also my longest distance by far, in Brown Race Marathon that was held last December 6, 2015 at Quirino Grandstand. I signed up together with my running buddy, Yssa, who unfortunately was not able to make it to the race because of a conflict in schedule so she asked our other friend to run in her place.

brown race.jpg
Photo credits: Mark Liu

It was my first time to join a run outside of the usual venue, Mall of Asia so in a way, it got me really excited even though I feared I might get lost.

Even though there were several things that did not go well, I had a pretty good run which I will tell in detail below.

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Running in Gatorade Run 11/22

Hi! It has been a while since I last ran in an official event since my October run got rescheduled to December. Just last Sunday, November 22, 2015 (11-22), I ran my first 11k in Gatorade’s first ever fun run in the Philippines.

Credits to Pinoy Fitness for the photo

I was really looking forward to this race that I almost missed it. Lol. For some reason, I did not hear my alarms. Good thing my friend called to check up on me. Although we were around six minutes late from the 5:00AM gunstart, I had a pretty decent run.

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Running in “Soleus Run for the Aspins” Part 1

Heto ako, basang-basa sa ulan – the line of a song that perfectly describes what happened last October 18.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was scheduled to join Soleus Run for the Aspins, a fun run that aims to do the following: First is to raise funds to support the Philippine Animal Rescue Team in providing a good life for the rescued dogs under their care. Second is to raise awareness regarding dog cruelty and abuse, promote responsible pet ownership and spread compassion for animals.

Photo from Soleus Philippines

And because I love dogs, I signed up!

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