23 on 2-23

Hi guys! I celebrated my birthday two days ago. I mentioned in my previous post that the first half of February was not really going well and that I was doing several things to turn it around. Luckily, my birthday went better than I expected.

My birthday fell on a Monday and most of my friends know that among the days of the week, I dislike Mondays the most. However, when I woke up that day, I told myself that this is a Monday that I CANNOT hate. It seemed to work because that day, everything went well.

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Print On Print

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last posted a blog entry so let me start off by greeting you guys a very Happy New Year! I have listed some of my resolutions in my 2015 planner and one of those is to post at least one entry here every week. Good luck to me!

So today I went to lunch with my dad’s side of the family. And because I am sick, I decided to wear a jacket/hoodie despite the hot weather. Well I didn’t feel the hot weather because I was having chills most of the time. In any case, below are the photos of what I wore earlier:

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