Mix and Match

Hi! I noticed I haven’t posted anything about fashion for a while now so this quick post will be about just that. This morning, I wore something casual to work (mainly because we currently don’t have a house helper and the laundry is piled up so I had to mix and match the clothes available in my closet). I mentioned my affinity for blazers in one of my earlier posts. I love blazers because they can make a casual attire look extra presentable. I really planned to blog about what I wore so I started to take pictures but then I suddenly changed my mind and just decided to post about a different outfit some other day.

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Work Wednesday

Quick post again! So today I presented a project to our retail team. I’m hoping the project will run well considering the launch is already delayed for about a week because of pending approvals and materials. (So many bottlenecks) But my target is to launch the project this week! *cross fingers*

Even though work is getting more and more stressful, I still try to dress up nicely because that’s one thing I enjoy doing.

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23 on 2-23

Hi guys! I celebrated my birthday two days ago. I mentioned in my previous post that the first half of February was not really going well and that I was doing several things to turn it around. Luckily, my birthday went better than I expected.

My birthday fell on a Monday and most of my friends know that among the days of the week, I dislike Mondays the most. However, when I woke up that day, I told myself that this is a Monday that I CANNOT hate. It seemed to work because that day, everything went well.

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Hi everyone, this will be a quick outfit post for February 21, 2015.

I had a long day ahead with many places to go to (and I always try stand by my word that a girl should always look presentable) and here was what I wore:

Dress from Forever 21, black shoes from Mario d’Boro, wrist watch from Kenneth Cole, gold necklace from my mom

CAMERAI especially liked the “safe midriff” feel of the dress made possible by the thin, black cloth. But because it’s black, people won’t really notice that the cloth is a bit see-through.

The pair of shoes, on the other hand, is also a pair that I like. It looks very simple but the gold outline makes it appear more elegant.

More outfit posts soon!


Ready, Aim, Bowl!

I am no athlete but I like playing different kinds of sports. I’ve blogged about archery before and now I’m going to write about one of my favorites, bowling.

As a young girl, I was exposed to this sport by my parents mainly because I tagged along whenever they had friendly bowling competitions with their peers. And as I observed them, I remember thinking to myself how easy bowling looked. During my first game, I went over the bowling line so I slipped and fell flat on my butt. And yes, there were other people playing and they saw me fall so that was pretty embarrassing.

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My Christmas 2014

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again when Jesus, our savior, is born. We should all remember that this is the true meaning of Christmas.

During this season, most of us celebrate with the people closest to us, our families. Mine has a tradition of celebrating Christmas with my mom’s side of the family because my grandfather’s birthday is also during this month (hey, hey double celebration!). Every year, we go to my grandfather’s house and conduct a short program which includes BINGO and Karaoke and Coin Toss and Aguinaldo Giving among others.

I also mentioned in my earlier blog posts that I love dressing up during special occasions. Of course, this includes Christmas!

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