Outfits of Summer 2015

Hi everyone! It’s Throwback Thursday and I thought of compiling most of my summer 2015 outfits in this post because I already miss summer and I’m looking forward to summer 2016!

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Ending the Summer Escapades in Tokyo, Japan

Hi everyone! I just got back from my long-awaited summer-ender trip. I must say that it is, by far, my best trip out of the country. And if the situation was different, I would have gladly stayed longer.

You see, a few months ago, my dad went to a travel expo and got us tickets to Japan. This was really sudden because back then, we all did not have our visas so we were pressured to get one. I would like to thank the parents of my friend, Janine, for making the necessary arrangements to get our documents to the Japanese embassy. Luckily, all of us were given multiple-entry visas and all that was left to do was to plan the itinerary!

In this entry, I will tell you all about my four nights and four days stay in Tokyo, Japan.

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