Hi everyone, this will be a quick outfit post for February 21, 2015.

I had a long day ahead with many places to go to (and I always try stand by my word that a girl should always look presentable) and here was what I wore:

Dress from Forever 21, black shoes from Mario d’Boro, wrist watch from Kenneth Cole, gold necklace from my mom

CAMERAI especially liked the “safe midriff” feel of the dress made possible by the thin, black cloth. But because it’s black, people won’t really notice that the cloth is a bit see-through.

The pair of shoes, on the other hand, is also a pair that I like. It looks very simple but the gold outline makes it appear more elegant.

More outfit posts soon!



Dress Up Monday

It’s the start of another week! To be honest, I dread Mondays the most because of the extreme traffic and the feeling of having to deal with a long week ahead. However, what I love about Mondays is how it is not laundry day so I can mix and match my clothes. Thus I call it Dress Up Monday. Since today I did not have any meetings outside our office, I decided to come in a semi-casual attire. Continue reading “Dress Up Monday”