Comeback Run at Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017

Hi guys! It has been a while since I last posted a content after my trip to Canada post. A lot of things have happened but I want to focus on the recently concluded fun run event, Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2017. This was my second time joining this event (read last year’s post here) and I do not regret it because I definitely had fun running alongside my elite running buddies.

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Race Through The Storm: Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run

Hi! Last Sunday, I was able to complete a 16-kilometer race in Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run despite the moody weather. Coincidentally, my parents joined the Ancop Global Walk which also took place last Sunday in SM Mall of Asia so I did not have problems asking my dad to take me to the venue.  Yaay!

This event is also for the benefit of MCares – a charity of MICHAELA (Photo from Pinoy Fitness)

I was not able to train properly for this run because of the bad weather in the past few days but the results turned out to be better than I expected.

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Completing Half-Mary in GNC Run 2016

Hi! Last July 3, I completed my second half-marathon/21km race in Run GNC 2016 which was held in Mall of Asia Running Grounds. I aimed to beat my PR in this race even though I had minimal training because of the bad weather.

I like joining fun runs with a cause and this was for the benefit of the Cancer Warrior Foundation.

Read on below for a quick summary of my second half-mary.

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For the Love of Running

Hi everyone! Recently, I have been evaluating the results of my fitness journey so  far. As mentioned before, the results have been slow to show but in the end, what matters is not about how fast I get results but the consistency in doing the things that will take me a step closer to my goals. In this post, I wanted to focus and share more about one of the aspects of this journey: Running.

Frankly speaking, this activity is something that I never imagined myself doing because I was not an avid fan of sweating and doing any strenuous physical activities. My logic back then was, why bother sweating for it when you can just breeze through it? Meaning, I always chose the easier route. For example, why bother using the stairs when you can use the escalator instead?

I know, I had a very lazy mindset back then. But now, I am very happy to say that I have successfully turned that way of thinking around to something more productive and goal-driven.

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Update Post: Fitness Endeavors

Hey everyone! This will be just be a quick update post on my fitness endeavors for this year because I think I have not written anything about it for a while now.

Nonetheless, do know that I have not stopped trying to be a better version of myself even though the progress is slow to show. As they say,

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.

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Choose It or Lose It

Hi! I mentioned how I stopped going to the gym for almost a month because we transferred offices. This long hiatus made me lose my fitness progress real quick and I had to try and get back what I lost.

It is different this time because I do not have a personal trainer who will help me with my program and push me harder. Nonetheless, I still try to apply what I have learned in the past months of working out. Although the results are somewhat slow to show, I am still proud of what I have achieved by myself so far.

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.

Is a quote that is applicable to so many things in life but I shall use if for my fitness endeavors because I know now that fitness is not a temporary thing but a lifestyle that you continue to choose everyday. Choose it or lose it.

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Running in “Soleus Run for the Aspins” Part 1

Heto ako, basang-basa sa ulan – the line of a song that perfectly describes what happened last October 18.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was scheduled to join Soleus Run for the Aspins, a fun run that aims to do the following: First is to raise funds to support the Philippine Animal Rescue Team in providing a good life for the rescued dogs under their care. Second is to raise awareness regarding dog cruelty and abuse, promote responsible pet ownership and spread compassion for animals.

Photo from Soleus Philippines

And because I love dogs, I signed up!

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Upper Body Strength (Part 2)

Hi! I’ve mentioned in the first part of this post that I’ve been focusing more on my upper body because I currently cannot do leg exercises following my right knee injury. In the first part of the post, I have shared my program for “back-biceps-shoulders-core” day. And in this post, I will share my program for “chest-triceps-core” day.

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Upper Body Strength

For the past few weeks, I have been focusing more on core and upper body exercises only because of my knee injury that inhibits me from doing any leg exercises at the moment. This saddens me because one, I cannot do my favorite things in the gym which are leg exercises. Two, I was advised to stop running for a couple of months and three, I feel weak because my cardio has been reduced.

But because I am now focusing on upper body exercises, I started to track my progress more meticulously. And it makes me feel really good when I am able to lift the weights and do the exercises I was not able to do before because that means I have grown stronger. In this quick post, I will share some of the upper body exercises that I do.

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