Climbing the Philippines’ 10th Highest: Mt. Kalawitan

Hi everyone! I just came back from my recent hike to the arguably 10th highest mountain in the Philippines* and my 45th mountainMt. Kalawitan. Up to the last week of the event proper, I was still unsure if I could join because of personal matters but just a day before the hike took place, I confirmed my attendance and was able to join the group. Talk about cramming, right?

Mountain Stats

Elevation: 2,714+ MASL

Location: Bontoc, Mountain Province/Sabangan, Mountain Province

Difficulty: 6/9 (Basing this on my experience)

Trek to Summit: 9 hours

There were several things that made me struggle during this hike that took place last January 28-29, 2017. Nonetheless, I do not regret joining because more than the exhaustion and pain, I was also really happy with the people I was with. Read on below for the full story of our weekend.

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Mt. Amuyao Reverse-Traverse via Batad-Barlig

Hi everyone! I just got back from my most challenging hike up to date and it feels really fulfilling to be able to successfully finish a major hike with minimal complications. In this blog post, I will try to summarize my take on climbing Luzon’s 5th highest mountain and the Philippines’ 11th highest and my 18th mountainMt. Amuyao.

Mountain Stats

Elevation: 2,702+ MASL

Location: Batad, Banaue, Ifugao and Barlig, Mountain Province

Difficulty: Regular Traverse via Barlig to Batad – 8/9; Reverse Traverse via Batad to Barlig – 9/9

  • The group took on the reverse-traverse via Batad to Barlig

Trek to Summit: 17 hours

This hike tested not just my patience but also my physical limits. Fortunately, I was with a great group that helped each other complete the hike successfully. Read on below to know more about what transpired from April 22 until April 24.

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