Birthday Summit to Sea 2018: Mt. Gulugod Baboy and Sombrero Island

Hi everyone, it took a while for me to finish this blog post because of external factors but as what they say, better late than never!

Last February 25, 2018, my friends and I hiked up a beautiful mountain in Batangas by the name of Mt. Gulugod Baboy, also known as Mt. Pinagbandirahan – my 54th mountain. My recent hikes have been relatively easier as compared to before because I wanted to go back to non-physically demanding hikes. Lol.

Mountain Stats:

Elevation: 520+ MASL

Location: Anilao, Batangas

Difficulty: 2/9, Minor Climb

Trek to Summit: 2 hours

This was my annual birthday hike and as per tradition, the trip has to have a beach side-trip. Read on below for the full story.

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