February Silver Year

If I have not mentioned this before, I will mention it now – February is my most favorite month of the year. Aside from it being my birth month, it is also considered the “month of love” not just in terms of a romantic love but also all forms of love.

Every year, I try to make February as memorable as I can especially during my birthday. This year, I chose to take the whole day off from work (because my birthday fell on a weekday) to spend it on the things and with the people that/who matter.

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Outfit for Christmas 2016

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! This will be a quick post on my yearly Christmas outfit that I wear whenever we go to my grandfather’s place.

This will just be a quick post.

Last year, I wore a white dress with cuts on the sides and slit at the center from Forever 21. This year, I decided to wear something simpler but will still stand out. And thus my choice of outfit:

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Post-Climb and Pre-Birthday Trip at Boracay de Cavite

Hi! I just came from my first beach trip for this year! My friend decided to organize a post Luzon 3-2-1 (Mt. Timbak-Mt. Tabayoc-Mt. Pulag) event that also served as my pre-birthday trip. I was always out in the mountains that when I got invited to a beach camping activity, which I have not done since summer 2015, I readily agreed to go.

The itinerary was set from February 20 (1:00PM) until February 21 (1:00PM) and although there were complications along the way, I am extremely happy that this trip still pushed through.

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Outfits of Summer 2015

Hi everyone! It’s Throwback Thursday and I thought of compiling most of my summer 2015 outfits in this post because I already miss summer and I’m looking forward to summer 2016!

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No Pain, No Gain

Hi! This will be a quick post on the things that happened last week.

I guess the highlight would probably be how I wasn’t able to walk properly the entire week. It all started after my fun run – because we immediately headed to Pico, I wasn’t really able to stretch and do my cool down. I felt the leg pain in Pico because whenever we did jump shots, I would always lose my balance and fall to the sand as soon as we landed. I did not mind it because I thought it was just an ordinary muscle pain that would disappear the following day – it didn’t.

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Mix and Match

Hi! I noticed I haven’t posted anything about fashion for a while now so this quick post will be about just that. This morning, I wore something casual to work (mainly because we currently don’t have a house helper and the laundry is piled up so I had to mix and match the clothes available in my closet). I mentioned my affinity for blazers in one of my earlier posts. I love blazers because they can make a casual attire look extra presentable. I really planned to blog about what I wore so I started to take pictures but then I suddenly changed my mind and just decided to post about a different outfit some other day.

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Summer Escapades: Climbing Mt. Batulao

Hi! I went on another “slightly spontaneous” escapade yesterday (I’ve been having slightly spontaneous trips lately, amazing). The reason why it was slightly spontaneous is because we found out that the initial plan, Plan A, was not doable a day before the trip and I had to think of a Plan B asap.

I suggested that we go on a day-hike to Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas.

I’ve always wanted to go on a hike but what stopped me was my fear of not being able to reach the top and finish the hike, mainly because I used to frown on physical activities (Kindly refer to previous blog post, Eyes on the Prize) and I have a slight fear of heights. But this time I thought that I can already do it because my stamina, endurance, upper and lower body strength have already improved compared to before. The only thing that bothered me was my slight fear of heights but I decided to just screw the fear and try the hiking experience for myself.

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